Seitan Kitchen

Twisty shredded vegan seitan chicken


This seitan chicken is fabulous any dish where you need shredded vegan chicken or vegan chicken chunks of some sort. Stir fries, pies, stews, sandwich fillings but maybe best of all – it makes a great vegan fried chicken!


The dry mix:

The wet mix:


Step 1. Combine ingredients with a fork. Add water. Fork again. It should be quite moist.
Divide dough into three or four and put first batch in blender (I use a Nutri Ninja 900w). Pulse until it comes together. Then blend for a few seconds at a time until dough is smooth and very stretchy, like taffy. It should take about 1 minute in combined blending time. Repeat with other batch/es.

Combine the batches of dough and pull it out until it’s like a looong sausage (it shouldn’t break, if it does it needs to go back in blender).
Fold sausage over, hold on to each end and start twisting the strands like a twine.
When the twists are getting tight, fold the sausage-twine-strands over again. They will wrap around eachother, just continue that twisting. Fold one more time and the dough should wrap around itself and look like a weird twisty 8.

Step 3. Bring a pot of water and some nice stock and whatever seasoning you like to a simmer. Put the twisty chicken in pot and let it simmer for about 1 hour. (If you plan on marinating and cooking it again after shredding you can simmer it for less time.) It might unwrap a bit during simmer but that’s fine.

Step 4. When done let it drain in a colander. Once it’s cool enough to handle: shred it, mix it with a few tablespoons of oil (very important!) if you eat that stuff, then it’s done to do with it what you please. It’s great mixed with spices/sauce and quickly grilled.